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Twisted Eden Introduction



Okay, the quality isn't the best because the original video size was 4 Gigabytes...too big of an upload for me. So, I had to substitute the original video with a lower quality version.

Twisted Eden is a book based on the community of Fusion Book Publishing. At Fusion Book Publishing, we help other Self publishing Authors for free because Self Publishers are looked down on by the Industry.
Please, if you have the time, help the Community by assisting the release of Twisted Eden
by supporting our Kick Starter.
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The Book will be completed regardless of the Kick Starter's success, but the success of the Kick Starter campaign will help all of the other inspiring writers within Fusion Book Publishing opposed to the Author being successful himself.
Fusion Book Publishing was started by the Author of Twisted Eden.
Sammuel Bowden does all of the funding himself.
The success of the Kick Starter will allow him to focus more on the Community.
Here is the first half of the Kick Starter Video.
Thank your for watching and please aid the Kick Starter!

A Quick Peak at Twisted Eden's First Chapter

Silence dominated the region, and everything within it was engulfed in an expanse of emptiness. Here, nothing existed and nothing was present. Nothing… except for an endless panorama of white that stretched out as far as the eye could see. In this place, there was nothing to see, nor was there anything to smell, touch, taste, or hear. No wind blew, no rain fell, no current flowed and nothing existing for me to even lie down on.

I drifted alone within an endless space with no forces preying on my body. I had no idea where I was or how I ended up in a place like this. The only thing I knew was that I wanted an escape, for this place was lonely, bare, and quiet. Nothing ever happened, and time seemed to be motionless. I didn’t know what was going on, and I wanted to leave badly, so I attempted to run away to make my escape. But, as I tried to move, my mind refused to function, leaving my body dead and unresponsive.

I was stuck here in a paralytic state with nothing to see and nothing to do. All that I could hope was that something would happen, for I was trapped inside a realm that seemed to be separate from the normal living world. I desperately waited, and waited, and waited…until things slowly began to change.

While waiting, I felt a chilled breeze pass over my skin rather than the constant numb feeling of nothingness. After that, I picked up small hints of smells and heard muted sounds outside the white world into which I had been cast. As time continued to pass, one by one my senses became aware of my true surroundings, and my body became active.

First, I smelled the scent of wet grass as if it had just finished raining. I heard the sound of many crickets in the distance. The sound of the insects grew louder, and I felt a rock-solid surface harden beneath me. The more my body picked up on things, the more my body became responsive.

As my ability to feel slowly returned, an itch irritated my skin. The itch felt like bugs crawled on my skin, so my body twitched as my reflexes began to respond. As I shuddered because of the pests, my conscience mind awakened. It was then, when my mind began functioning… that I took notice of what was happening and when I finally realized that I had been in a deep sleep.

That silent, white world that I had been thrown into was my subconscious domain. I couldn’t move because I was unconscious, and that world was not physical. So as my mind awakened from its slumber, I opened my eyes to the conscience state that I had left.

I had been unconscious for an unknown amount of time, and I did not know whether an hour or a week had passed. The only thing I knew was that I had no clue where I was…

Now that you have read the sample writing from Chapter one, it's time to give you guys an idea of what's going on.

The Story is about a young Prince from another Realm who had his family and Kingdom taken away from him during an invasion. As the Prince tried to escape his falling Kingdom, he ends up being ambushed with Amnesia being the result of the attack. Now, unaware of his identity, the young Prince seeks answers while the ones who crushed his Kingdom seek his head. In order to survive, he is forced to take the identity of others to safely uncover his past. He becomes Ace…

Twisted Eden will be the first book to combine various kinds of book types into a single story. For the most part, the book will be told in first person, but whenever a major action scene takes place such as a fight sequence or an intense dialogue exchange, the book will turn into a comic strip. I have given this type of a book a name. I call it a True Hybrid book since it is a combination of two very different types of story telling.

Twisted Eden will be an ongoing series with each character developing from teens to young adults as the series progresses. The first book will be released April 6th, while the rest will follow every three months. For more information, please visit my facebook page at

Thank you and enjoy.

Twisted Eden Series

What is Twisted Eden..? You guessed right! Twisted Eden will be the first True Hybrid Book to launch April 6th! As mentioned in the earlier post about True Hybrid Books. Twisted Eden will be a half novel- half Graphic novel told in first person. The goal of True Hybrid Books (or Fusion Books) is to be able to succeed in captivating its audience completely. This is why Twisted Eden is a book that has both First Person Narrative elements as well as Graphical (Comic) elements. These two elements combined will produce a reading experience like no other, but this is not all!

Later in 2014, Twisted Eden's E-book will have an original Sound track along with voice narrations to complete the experience. Fulfilling the audience's experience is all about connecting with as many body senses as possible. That is why a movie is a lot easier to watch than reading a book. So, keep your eye out for Twisted Eden, because you don't want to miss it!

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It’s not just a Graphic Novel, It’s a Hybrid!

Hello, my name is Sammuel Bowden and I would like to tell you about a project that I am trying to start. I know, some of you are probably rolling your eyes thinking that I am another one of “those” guys who spam about everything. Don’t worry though, I am not trying to sell you anything. I just want some feedback for this idea, so who’s ready to listen! (I tried to make that sound enthusiastic…)
Like what the title says, I am putting together a series that consists of only Hybrid books. What is a Hybrid? Well, as we know, the definition for Hybrid is a thing made by combining two different elements (Noun), or of mixed character; composed of mixed parts (Adjective). With that said, each book in the series will be half-Novel, half-Graphic Novel.  Many people have asked me how I would manage to blend the two ideas without confusing the reader. The answer was simple.
The entire series is told in first person, so the book begins to read as a first person narrative. But whenever a major action takes place such as a fight sequence, or an intense dialogue, the book shifts into a comic. I combined these two elements because I want to change the average reading experience. I loved how first person stories were able to pull me in and make me feel as if I were the main character, but I also loved to see characters in action when fighting, along with many other things a Graphic Novel may contain that is appealing to the eye. I wanted to maximize the reading experience when I first thought of this idea years ago.
Well…how does this “Hybrid” idea maximize my reading experience? A good Hybrid book will maximize your reading experience because it contains two key factors that make Graphic Novels or Novels a good to begin with. A Hybrid book contains all of the visual elements of a Graphic Novel as well as the suspense and emotion of a First Person Narrative. There are other books out there that have similar elements, but cannot really be considered a Hybrid. My series will be the only series that consists of books that are exactly half of both of those elements.
As I mentioned earlier, I am not trying to sell you anything. I am not even trying to promote my work by itself. If anyone wishes to team up with me to make this project successful by making their own story, then do so. I only want feedback for the idea because I am doing this for the book community. I want books to be more interesting because people these days (mainly teens) are not reading like they should. Hopefully, Hybrid books will encourage people to pick up more books or not become “turned off” by seeing multitudes of words on a single page before reading them.
Thank you for taking the time out to hear my idea. I hope you enjoy my project along with my work. (If you don’t, I will find you…just joking)! My website link is below. When you visit my website, think about what YOU would like to see on a bookshelf, and then feel free to comment on anything you see. Enjoy…
Sammuel Bowden